Heat pump water heater

Get 75 % of energy saving. Available in 150, 200, 300 ltr

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Frxs Heat Pump Tank

Glass lined Tank

Micro channel heat exchanger

Large Magnesium Anode

CFC free insulation

Floor Standing

Heating Element ( optional)

Heat Pump


Micro-process Controller

Timer Function

Digital Temperature Setting upto 75 degree Celsius

Self- Diagnosis Function

Multiple Protections

Digital temperature display

Auto Defrosting

Power Off Auto Memory

Unit Model KRF60/EM-A(TI) KRF90/EM-A(TI)
Capacity (in ltrs) 150/200 300
Operating Pressure (Bar) 8 8
Power 220/50Hz 220/50Hz
Refrigerant R134a R134a
Heating Element (kW) 2 2
Power Output (w) 2650 4050
Power Input (w) 620 920
COP 4.3 4.4
Water Yield (I/h) 60 90
Rated Current (A) 3 4
Max Current (A) 11.4 13
Max. Temperature Setting (C)- Energy saving mode HP 55 55
Max. Temperature Setting (C)- Quick heating mode-HP+HE 55 55
Max.Temperature Setting ( C) - High temperature mode HP 75 75
Heating Time (h: mins) - Energy saving mode HP 150L-2h:42m / 200L-3h:20m 300L- 3h:17m
Heating Time (h: mins) - Quick heating mode - HP+HE 150L-1h:42m / 200L-1h:80m 300L- 2h:08m
Heating Time (h: mins) - High temperature mode HP 150L-3h:58m /200L-4h:67m 300L-5h:17m
Environmental Temperature (C) -7 To 43 -7 To 43
Noise (dB) ≤ S48 ≤ S52

FRXS Heat Pump Tank

MODEL CAPACITY Weight A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) G(mm) H(mm) I(mm)
FRXS150EM-A1(TI) 150 53 260 360 490 620 720 970 970 1500 500
FRXS200EM-A1(TI) 200 56 270 370 500 630 730 1280 1480 1740 500
FRXS300EM-A1(TI) 300 83 300 400 500 650 750 1025 1285 1540 620

Heat Pump

MODEL A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) G(mm) H(mm)
KRF-60EM-A(TI) 500 500 780 138 505 240 290 280
KRF-90EM-A(TI) 500 500 780 138 505 240 290 280


Outdoor Unit



Energy Saving

Comparing the standard electric water heater, Ferroli Air Source heat pump water heater saves 75% of the energy.

Micro Channel
Heat Exchanger

The heat transfer is even & faster as the refrigerant passes through the heat exchanger holes and the transfer of heat is evenly distributed to the water in the tank.

Fully Automatic

Micro processor controlled fully automatic operation. The ASHP can work under different weather conditions.
It can be used for the sanitary hot water in villa, swimming pool, hotel, hospital and other domestic and commercial buildings.

Display Console

Microprocessor controlled big LED digital display console for the ease of use by customer to set the timer and control the temperature.

All Season Use

Since it draws heat from air, the product continues to supply hot water in all weather conditions irrespective of the water heater location.

Environmental Friendly & CFC Free Insulation

There is no any kind of discharge to environment during the use of this product and hence its eco-friendly green product.

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