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Electric Water heater Overview

Electric Water heaters are an efficient way to heat water for all purposes especially for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Electric water heaters off late consume way less electricity and have a much lower carbon footprint as compared to traditional methods like burning of fossil fuels or wood.

In a largely tropical country like India, the use of water heaters is limited to some months and thus electric water heaters are best suited since in the cold months it is easier to get hot water, rather than burn fossil fuels which cause environmental damage

Electric Water heater Benefits

Energy Saving

Ferroli has been a global leader in electric water heaters and it brings with it years of research in the water heating field. Europe has traditionally been one of the colder continents where the use of water heaters are quite common throughout the year. Water heating technology has evolved as it required that the power consumption is minimal as the use of water heaters is extensive.

However while making these products for India, the biggest challenge has been around the hard and scaly water that is available across large parts of the country. As the Electric water heaters heats up water, the salt and other deposits present in water scale up the water storage tank and the heating element.

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Reduces Scaling

Ferroli has done great research in this field and has come up with Blue heating element which reduces scaling. The reduced scaling heats up water quickly and also helps in reducing power consumption. Apart from that the form factor of the storage electric water heater plays a very important part in the selection of a water heater.

Space Saving

Today as the washrooms are getting smaller and the premium on space is high, the research by Ferroli has helped them create electric water heaters which are compact in design while not compromising on the heating capacity. This helps Ferroli cater to the needs of Indian customers in the most rewarding way.



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