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How should I choose the right electrical water heater?

It is important to select the best water heater for your home, especially one that performs reliably and safely for many years to come. Please keep the following aspects in mind when choosing one:

  1. Durability
  2. Ability to withstand hard water
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Pressure withstanding capacity
  5. Technology
  6. Safety features
  7. After-sales service

What are the different types of electrical water heaters?

There are two types of electrical water heaters:

a) Electrical Storage Water Heater - A storage water heater will deliver hot water at a specified, pre-set temperature up to 75°C. It has a tank that stores water. When switched on, the water is heated to the set temperature, and can be used later for bathing.


b) Electrical Instant Water Heater - An instant water heater heats water as it flows through the device. A low waiting time is one of its main advantages. However, it will not deliver adequate hot water in areas with a cold climate. It works well in areas with a moderate climate, such as Mumbai and Chennai.

What capacity of water heater should I buy?

You must choose the capacity of your water heater to best suit your application and type of usage. The climatic condition of your city should also be factored into your choice. The chart below will help you to decide the right capacity to buy.

Application Capacity (In lts)
Inlet water temp. >20 C Inlet water temp. <20 C
Kitchen 1 L or 3 L Instant 6 L or 10 L
Bathroom 15 L or Above 25 L or Above
Shower panel 50 L or Above 70 L or Above
Bathtub/Jacuzzi 100 L 100 L or Above
* Assuming two people bathe consecutively without reheating time.

I live in a hard water area. Will my water heater be affected?

Hard water will cause scale deposits on the heating element of your electric water heater. This will reduce its heating efficiency. Over a period of time, the scaling will result in corrosion and lead to premature failure of the element. Ferroli water heaters are equipped with the patented Blue Forever heating element, designed to reduce calcareous deposits and scaling, which increases the life of the heating element significantly. This also increases heating efficiency.

Do Electric water heaters require regular servicing?

Water heaters with the conventional copper heating element require regular descaling or replacement due to the deposition of calcium on the element, over a period of time. The Ferroli Blue Forever heating element is coated with silicon enamel. The enamel completely isolates water from the metal. This prevents deposition of calcium, thereby improving the durability of the element. The sacrificial aluminium anode provides additional protection of the element and the tank. This anode forms a thin oxide film on the element and the tank, which offers resistance to any further corrosion. The anode will gradually get consumed due to the ionisation process. It will require a replacement only when completely corroded.

What are the different types of tank available in the market?

The inner tanks of electrical water heaters are made with different materials such as copper and stainless steel. A copper tank is not suitable for high rise buildings due to its low pressure withstanding capacity. Stainless steel is susceptible to corrosion in hard water conditions. The Ferroli water heater tanks undergo a special, corrosion-proof treatment called the Blue Silicon enamel powder coating process. This treatment uses a hi-tech, electro-static application technique. The subsequent baking in the furnace at 870° C creates a perfect glass lining on the tank, ensuring a longer life. It also creates an ultra-hygienic surface inside the tank, thereby retaining purity of the water, sustaining high pressure and suitability in hard water conditions.

I am using a pressure pump, will the water heater withstand high pressure?

The pressure withstanding capacity of the water heater depends on the tensile strength of the inner tank. The thicker its material, the more its tensile strength. Ferroli?s Blue Silicon enamel tank is thicker and thus has a much higher capacity to withstand pressure. It is suitable for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications. Its outstanding pressure resistance performance extends the life of the tank and enhances its safety.

How do I know the water temperature when the heater is working?

Most water heaters do not have any temperature indication. The user has to touch the hot water to sense its temperature. This may result in discomfort and burns at higher temperatures. Ferroli water heaters are equipped with a digital display which shows the temperature of the hot water inside the tank. The regulating knob allows the user to set the desired water temperature, from the ambient temperature to a maximum of 75 degrees Centigrade. The heater is provided with LEDs to indicate the heating and cut off modes.

What are the safety features in electrical water heater?

The following components ensure a high level of safety during the operation of the water heater:

  1. Thermostat - A reliable thermostat ensures safety of the product and improves energy efficiency.
  2. Cut-out - A cut out is a safety device which shuts off the heater at a pre-set temperature. It acts as the second level of safety and prevents dry heating of the element.
  3. Safety valve - The 4-in-1 multifunction safety valve safeguards the water heater against excessive pressure build up, prevents back flow of hot water and air, and includes a drain pipe to facilitate draining of water for servicing.

Will my water heater consume lot of energy?

Water heaters remain switched on for very short durations compared to other appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and TVs. Thus, their energy consumption is lower than that of other household appliances. You can check the energy saving label on the product for its BEE star rating. Ferroli water heaters have high quality, injected PUF insulation that is far superior to that of other heaters. This helps conserve heat longer, ensuring high savings on energy. Most Ferroli water heaters are certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and have the highest rating i.e. the BEE 5 star rating.

My water heater is not working, how do I contact your customer service?

Ferroli has a network of authorised service centres to provide general service or in the unlikely event of a breakdown. Customers can contact us on ourtoll free customer care number 1800-103-8533 or register a service call by visiting our website

In addition, Ferroli has the set up several communication channels for the convenience of customers.

  1. Call back facility from call centre through SMS for complaint registration or enquiry.
  2. Product registration through SMS or website.
  3. SMS acknowledging service request as well as completion of service request.
  4. Customers can access the complaint history through the Ferroli website through a personalised password
  5. Availability of Sunday service.

What is the warranty period on your water heater?

The warranty varies with the brand. Ferroli Water heaters have guarantee of 5-7 years on the inner tank. The heating element has a guarantee of 2-4 years. The overall product has a 2 year guarantee.

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